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Seakart Adventure

Seakart Adventure in Andaman

Port Blair

Per person
Starts from ₹ 3700


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Seakart is a unique hybrid combining the speed and excitement of a jet ski with the safety and comfort of an inflatable boat. This recreational craft is ideal for a family wanting a fun weekend tender or a yacht owner looking for a cross between an entertaining watercraft and a tender. Seakart riding allows people to drive away from the Corbyn Cove Beach’s shoreline to explore the waters and experience the refreshing feel of water splashing on their faces. Seakart allows you to access beaches easily, navigate safely, Its powerful jet engine makes the Seakart incredibly versatile, allowing you to operate it in shallow or deep waters. It might be small, but it’s an aggressive craft offering boating without limits.


Starts from

₹ 3700