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Sea walk

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Underwater sea walk is one of those adventurous activities that not only give you an adrenaline rush but also something to remember for a lifetime. Many people confuse it with scuba diving, however, this tourist activity is a completely different experience that takes place in shallow waters. You will walk the sea bed for 20 to 25 minutes wearing a helmet that will be connected to a constant supply of fresh air.Those who are wondering if swimming is a necessity to take part in this activity can relax since it is not necessary. Therefore, even non-swimmers can indulge in undersea walk. While partaking in this activity, you will be accompanied by a group that will indulge in this activity together. There will also be a trip guide to help you experience it better. Places that offer sea walk include:


1. Andaman Islands

2. Maldives

3. Thailand

4. Bali

5. Goa

6. Vietnam

7. Sri Lanka

8. Dubai



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