Bird Watching

Bird Watching

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Birding is a delightful way to learn about nature’s winged wonders – and the perfect to while away the time outdoors.
Birding is usually done with the naked eye (or via binoculars) but also by ear. In fact, most species of birds are identified by listening out for their unique cheeps and tweets. Birds can be spotted from their habitat, behaviour, movement, colour and markings, plumage, silhouette (shape and size), beak shapes and calls (or songs).

(As for the nomenclature, in ‘birdwatching’ the emphasis is more on the visual, while the term ‘birding’ carries both auditory and ocular associations, thus more accurately reflecting the activity.) Beyond spotting different species of birds (common and rare), many birders soon become interested in studying birds, and birdlife.


Starts from

₹ 1500