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The easiest and the most popular way to explore the secrets of the mangrove forest and its inhabitants is by a boat tour. But for the more adventurous there is a better alternative—kayak. Kayaking is definitely one of the most environmentally friendly sports you can do out in nature. This is mainly because it doesn’t use fossil fuels like many motorboats do. Instead, you move forward using your muscle power. Of course, the current of the water also helps you. But occasionally, you still have to steer against it. In addition, paddling makes no noise apart from the lapping of the water. This means that you won’t scare away any wild animals while doing kayak adventures. You can experience day and Bioluminescence night kayaking at these destinations:


1. Andaman Islands

2. Maldives

3. Thailand

4. Bali

5. Goa

6. Vietnam

7. Sri Lanka

8. Dubai


Starts from

₹ 3300